2009 Kubota RTV900W6-H 4x4 Diesel 


It just doesn't get any better than this! This is a 2009 Kubota RTV900XT 4x4 that is powered
 by a Kubota 3cylinder 21.6hp diesel engine. Serial  Number - 93628

It was purchased from a local Kubota dealer here in west Michigan. Shortly after purchase, illness set
in causing the Kubota to be put in storage where it has been almost since it was purchased.  The only use it has
had was in a neighborhood parade. It has never seen rain or snow and has never been off a concrete surface.

There is no rust, and not a single scratch of any kind. It has never been used to haul anything but a cooler used in
the local neighborhood parade. For all practical purposes this vehicle is still brand new. 

The hour meter reads just 10.


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