Chevrolet Engine Block Casting and Identification Numbers

Block Both small- and big-block V8 block casting numbers are found on the bellhousing/transmission mounting flange at the rear of the block on the driver's side

Cylinder Head Date codes for small- and big-block V8 cylinder heads are usually found next to the casting number underneath the valve cover. The dates are, in most cases, alphanumeric. See the sidebar on date codes for decoding information.

Head Small- and big-block V8 head casting numbers are found underneath the rocker cover, usually between rocker arm pedestals


Intake Manifold Chevrolet used both cast-iron and aluminum intake manifolds throughout the muscle car era, and the date codes are located in different places on each. The code on cast-iron intakes is normally found on top of the intake near the casting number. Aluminum intakes most always have the date code on the underside of the manifold, usually under the oil splash shield (if so equipped). This will make the location of aluminum intake date codes impossible if installed on the engine, and even if not, the oil splash shield is in most cases riveted in place