Born and raised in Texas, this beauty was driven only 84,000 miles before coming to rest at the original owners daughter's home in 1959.  The original owner ( Ralph Eugene Hassell of Pfluegerville, Texas) left the car with her to go on a business trip to Florida, and when he arrived, he was killed in his motel room.  For the next 42 years the car sat idle at her home until finally in 2001 she decided to sell it. 

When she tried to start the car to sell it, she discovered a serious problem with her fuel system. Because of the year and age of the car, parts were not immediately available to her so she went to internet for help. She visited a website called "The Filling Station" where a rebuilt carburetor, fuel sending unit and a new 17 gallon polyurethane gas tank was purchased and sent to her in Pfluegerville, Texas.  The vehicle was still in her fathers name, so she had the parts ordered in his name on the invoice but paid for it with her credit card. ......who's name is on the credit card slip below. We are told the amount on the slip was for the shipping to get it to her.

With the car now repaired and in running condition, she posted an ad in her local paper on August 19th, 2001 asking $6,500.00 for the car. It had 84,000 original miles on it. Here is the actual newspaper clipping showing the car for sale.


The ad was spotted by David Womack of Manchaca Texas in 2001, and after careful inspection he discovered the car was not only complete, but the body was all steel, never had rust, and all original....just a nice car. His intention was to make the car drivable and not intended to be a show car and sit in storage, so he purchased the car on September 27th, 2,001.

Note: The vehicle never had the title changed to the daughter after her fathers death in 1959, so Mr. Womack is technically the second owner of the car. Here is the actual title of the car.

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