Chevrolet spent some $26 million -- big money, for those times -- tooling up for the 1937 models, so it comes as no surprise that the 1938 Chevrolet line was little changed. A restyled grille and enlarged hood louvers were the most obvious external signs of change in the 1938 Chevrolets.

The smart new diecast grille, featuring horizontal bars in place of vertical ones, was the work of Frank Hershey, who had come to General Motors a few years earlier to design the handsome 1933 Pontiac. But in most respects, Agramonte's beautiful 1937 design was left intact.

The 1937-1938 body was so thoroughly reworked as to effectively disguise its origins. A new, prowlike grille was clearly inspired by that of the contemporary Cadillac, as were the "suitcase" fenders. Overall length was increased by five inches, adding to the new model's impressive appearance