Owners Appraisal

I want to tell you about my car, and keep it as informal as I can. My search for an original, not botched up corvette took virtually one year to find as I just couldn't get the car I wanted with the equipment I wanted, with an original engine and one that was not exposed to inclement weather. Living in Florida made it pretty hard to search as my hunting was for car specifically from the western part of the US...where it is dry, and rust situations would not be an issue.

My search ended in Texas as I purchased this car from a Texan who bought the car approximately 6 years ago, had the engine rebuilt ( details are not known ) had the car repainted and installed new brakes all around. I trailered the car back to Florida just to avoid any breakdown issues and began the serious part of going through the car to see just what I had purchased.

Over the next 7 months and thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work, the car has been gone through from stem to stern with a tremendous amount of detail done on the interior of the car. We started in the interior as the tilt wheel was loose ( from people pulling on it to get it and out of the car ). To remove it from the car was no easy task, and if you ever rebuilt one you would never do it again....phew! From there, virtually every wire, bulb, relay, trim piece, vacuum line and switch, consoles, lenses, seats rebuilt and recovered, insulation and new carpet, new dash, new handles and controls, and on and on it went until brought back to as new as possible. Nobody has ever done this extensive work on any resale Corvette we have ever seen...they just replace the seat covers and carpet leaving the entire guts of the dash and controls to be 40 years or trouble waiting to happen.

More coming soon......